Portinari – Marble

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Marble is absolutely one of the most elegant natural stones. Whether it is used in famous art and architecture such as the Taj Mahal, the Washington Monument, and the Pantheon or as kitchen or bathroom countertops, marble brings a touch of sophistication to a space.

Marble is one of the most popular choices on the market. It signifies pure beauty – perfect for your countertop, backsplash, or vanity. It is a durable stone that is eco-friendly due to its longevity.

The primary reason marble is in high demand is because it adds an eye-catching focal point. It is naturally heat-resistant due to how it was formed. This makes it perfect for bakers and those who love to cook.

However, compared to its natural stone counterparts, marble is relatively soft and porous. This makes it more susceptible to damage, which is why it should be sealed. While it is not completely resistant to staining or scratching, marble more than makes up for it with its beauty and superior resistance to heat.

Marble has a wide variety of colors and styles to choose from. It is not difficult to find the perfect style to complement your design. Traditional white marble countertops illuminate a space – making it seem larger than it is. Some other colors of marble include beige, green, grey, black, blue, gold, brown, and red.

Portinari Marble Countertop Slab

Portinari marble is a gorgeous white stone quarried from the mountains of Brazil. The region that produces this stunning marble is renowned for producing natural stone that rivals the ‘high-end’ European marbles and surpasses them in hardness and affordability. Portinari is a hard marble perfect for interior or exterior use such as flooring, walls, countertops, and much more.

If you are looking for a stone that will grab attention, this marble is one of the best options you will find on the market. Its delicate, high contrast veins of grey, blue, beige, brown, and cream will captivate your guests. Installing Portinari marble in your home will not only add visual appeal but increase the value of your home.

Design Suggestions for Portinari Marble from Our Team

Portinari Marble with Textured Glass and Honed Marble Mosaic Backsplash

Portinari is one of the most popular stones on the market right now. It is perfect for a shower styled with a recessed shampoo caddy of textured glass and honed marble mosaic backsplash for a more contemporary look.

Portinari Marble with Glazed Ceramic Subway Tile Backsplash

As kitchen countertops, Portinari pairs well with glazed ceramic subway tiles in blue, grey, and white to balance its high contrast veins for an elegant, stylish look.


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Portinari marble countertops are a beautifully dramatic option for any space you are looking to update. The dramatic colors and veins will be what draws guests captivation. This material will pair well with clean neutral colors and designs. As Portinari is very dramatic and busy, use it as the center of your design.

Some colors may not be available at all locations.

Every stone slab is unique and color, shade and pattern will vary.

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